Saturday, March 9, 2013

Evil is a Strong Master

A friend found this posted on Facebook and was shocked. They mailed it to me with their
comment about how horrible it was that someone knowing the turmoil and the cancer diagnosis we were dealing with here and this was their comment about it.
Muesetta Lee Tate Holbert hey ellen...guess the spiritual one in treatable and thats good worries for her..just for us....
The spiritual one in la...that would be me. I'm saddened to think that anyone would be this cruel and heartless that my survival would be something that would cause them distress.I have surgery, chemo and radiation in my future. I have no guarantees, none of us do in a situation like this. A PET scan remains to be done before any procedures are started. This is to rule out cancer cells in tissue else where in my body. No one here is comfortable with what is going on.
I don't even know how to end this blog. I remain shocked at the callousness and the ugliness of the comment made. I never wish bad things on others. I step away and stay away from those that cause me distress. I don't wish evil things on you; health, wealth and happiness you are welcome to. I don't tolerate liars and that will cause me to step away from you. Being cruel to others will cause me to step away from you. I won't try to bring harm to you. I won't compaign against you nor will I allow others to be harmful to you because of how I feel.
That's my spiritual self. That's how I live with myself. 
"Do no harm to others." I think if there is a God, that will count for a lot on getting me through those pearly gates, or on an ark or some of the other fairy tale stories in that big book the Christians call The Bible. 
There is really no way to end this post.


  1. You already know how I feel. And yes, as with all people who are unkind to others...just step away. xxxxx

  2. I'm so happy we bumped into each other on this wide web.

  3. Truly sorry you're having to go through this. I'm sending nothing but positive energy your way.

    The world is full of twisted assholes. Try to ignore them.

  4. Hey Buffalo..long time no.......well, where the hell have ya been? Thanks for the positive energy..I do aappreciate hearing from you.


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