Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Time to Bid Farewell

OR in plainer terms...GET ME OUTTA HERE.
Today is Saturday. I came in for surgery on Thursday. I did mention to you that this was a journal of times and places of where I am so I could check back later since my memory seems to be fading fast. It might be boring to the readers here but it has to be done.

The staff is wonderful. I see all of them from the housekeeper to the RN every day and I farted.

OK, now I know that was a sneaky way to get that information in here BUT it is very important and I don't know why, being a nurse, that one bodily function always embarrasses me to talk about it. I could have used the term "passing gas" but that wouldn't  have been as funny as passing on the information the way I did.  IF you don't you pass gas you can't eat and you can't go home. I don't think they expect a bowel movement since I was cleaned out with the Mag Citrate on Wednesday night.
As the aide was walking me down the hall I saw my nurse at the nurse's station and called her over. "Dee! Come here!"  Poor Dee. She expected bad news. I leaned over and whispered in her ear "I farted!"
She fell back laughing. I like to get the nurses laughing. They deserve a stress break whenever or where ever they can get it.
I just spoke with Wanda and she is in Kentucky. She should be back home around 1400 hrs today. That's a long trip especially with two little ones in the car.
I'm still tapping the Dilaudid button and I still have the muscle relaxing med being pumped into the muscles of my stomach.
I was able to walk the length of the hall and when we got back to the room, I settled into the chair with my laptop to do my little bit of charting here.
The husband called and he is on the way to as soon as he gets his coffee and a shower. I don't expect he or my daughter to spend long blocks of time sitting and watching me sleep in a drugged out stupor.
I had a bath today. Not in the shower but the one where you soap up a cloth and then wipe the soap off with a towel. I didn't go through the rinse cycle. There was no rinse cycle.
Clinically my H&H was low so they injected me with Epogen. If that doesn't work, they might have to run a unit of blood on me. I'm hoping this doesn't happen. I hate getting blood and I have no idea the "why" of this. It almost nauseates me. I never thought a thing of it when I was hanging all of that blood on my patients.
It's time for my treat. I'm going to get some ice chips and PIG out...and crawl back into my bed for a while.


  1. You're coping remarkably well Charlotte. I bet you're looking forward to going home...Lots of Love xxx

  2. Ayak...I'm ok..and yes..would rather be in my own bed. I think I have my days an nights mixed up..I've slept most of the day. Love to you too!


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