Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Loaded for Bunny

"Bugsy...heeeeree Bugsy..come on girl."

Does she know and if so, who told her?

I crept up to her condo empty handed. Her harness was left on the table on the patio. Why cause her any extra stress until it was absolutely necessary.

"Bugsy! Come here girl. Mama's not gonna hurt ya."

Giving up on gentle coaxing, I opened the front door to her condo and almost stretched out on the ground, I peeked in. She laid close to her back door leading to her run.

One pink eye surveyed me. Bugsy knew?  Well, no..that's silly is't it? She has no friends and no Facebook page. How would she have been alerted?

She slipped out the cloth covered door into her run. All of me had to be lifted off the ground. I have a metal knee that does not flex totally so I'm slow to rise from any position lower then chair level.

No longer able to spring from a floor sitting position by scissoring my legs and popping straight upward, I have to settle for an ungainly, awkward four point rise. Hands and knees planted on the ground, I bring the good leg forward, plant that foot and heave myself upward. It's nothing pretty to witness.

Finally I'm able to make it around the condo and to the bunny's run. She is in the far corner out of reach and ignoring my begging. Turning, I headed for the patch of clover. Bugsy has a clover tooth like most people have a sweet tooth. Ah the smell of fresh wrenched out of the ground clover!

In a hop or three, she was at the drop down door to the run nibbling on her treat. I let her nibble for a bit.

It was time now to haul her out of  her little patch of lawn. Cuddling her to my chest, we headed for the patio and her harness. I sat in a chair and she laid across my chest just below my chin. It took a bit of maneuvering. I'm sorry about that right front paw Bugsy. I didn't realize it was trapped in that part of the harness. No harm done. I unsnapped it and pulled her foot out and reconnected it beneath her chin.
Wanda, my bunny go to person, told me to hold her by her ears and she wouldn't be able to defend herself against me. I grasped her ears, apologizing the whole time for doing it and managed to get the back of the harness fastened beneath her hind quarters.

All in all it went well. I had no scratches or teeth marks on me and Bugsy had her harness on. I took her back to her run and released her to wear her harness for 1/2 hr. This is but a training period for her to get used to wearing it. Some day the leash will be attached and we can walk the bunny!

Carrie is going to be so excited. We are hoping Bugsy's feelings are mutual.

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