Sunday, March 17, 2013

Going Deep Cover....or In The Wind

Muesetta Lee Tate Holbert yep....just heard it was a scare warning for her to be doing the regular check up each year...could have prevented the big scare of thinking you were doomed.alls well with her now..........sorry to hear about mistys mom......that was the real thing..bless her heart.hope she recovers quickly and has no bad side efffects.

AND:Muesetta Lee Tate Holbert and michael...youre the only guy ....thats going to get me in trouble ,,,for the black widow is suppose to have her web open now....haha.....ok..guys...need to let this behind me with i have been doing......her sickness has left her an open door for pity

Those two comments were left by the same  family member on Facebook. One should never post such things then become incensed when others that read it are appalled at the callusness of the poster.

This blog is NOT about pity.

My blog is my diary. It's a bit different from the ones we kept as children on hardcopy, written out in longhand. It's my log of memories and it's public. Sometimes I publish a link to it on Facebook and sometimes I don't. It is something I want to leave to my daughter and grandchildren. I would have loved it if I had been left a journal from my grandmother or any family member. The daugher will have the option of printing out my journal or accessing it on the web someday when I'm gone. (not to worry, I have no plans on leaving early).

As most of the readers of this blog know from my previous posts, I am  having a health problem. Most of my readers are sympathetic. I don't post to gather pity. I don't post my health on a status update on Facebook. I will post my emotions as I pass through this process on this blog. It may help someone else as they travel this path.

The blogs written on my total knee replacement are read often by people that are having a knee replacement and do a Google search on different stages of the rehab part of the procedure. I posted weekly pictures, described the swelling and the pain and anything else that would help others to know they were "normal" in their post op from this surgery.

My hope is that the recording of this new journey will be beneficial to someone else searching for information.

I will continue to write but in the future I won't be posting a link to this blog on Facebook. This is not written in stone. It is just how I am feeling at the moment. If you have a link to this blog you will be able to read it. If you do a search on Google by typing in  "Ploughing Through Life" you will be able to find it.

Tomorrow I see a surgeon and on Thursday I see the oncologist. The trip I'm advancing toward is getting closer and closer.

Thank you to the followers of this journal for your compassion, your encouragement and all the well wishes,

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  1. You have no idea how much blogging about a journey through ill health and medical procedures is helpful to others. I have seen the evidence in a couple of other blogs that I follow. You and they do not do it for sympathy. They do it because it's not only helpful to others who may face the same problems, but its also cathartic. There's nothing quite like writing all this down to get if off your chest and help to relieve some of the anxiety.

    I don't need the facebook links, I already have you on my Blogger reading list, as will others who enjoy your blog.

    Charlotte please step away from your hateful sister. You cannot change the way she is. SHE is the one to be pitied!

  2. Ayak: Actually her ugliness no longer has much effect on me. She has a loyal posse that believes what she tells them..none of them knew what the realtionship was really like between her and the man she live with. Not one of them visited them and viewed the interaction between the two. Not one of her posse has ever SEEN any commnets I've made that are hurtful. She tells them..and they believe. If she has amything to copy and paste regarding meanness from me..she would do it.
    I truly shake my head and feel sorry for anyone in that much pain...mental pain.
    I have many people that read thos old posts about my knee.It really is a very traumatic thing to go through and it feels as though you will never recover which causes much depression. I'm happy if it can help someone else make it through. I will be posting the good, the bad and the whole story on this cancer thing It's NOT a scare as she says..but it is very scary. It's good to know you will be there beside me.

  3. Play your own game the way you choose, nevermind her or her warped perspectives or anything she has to say about what you do or how you do it. I appreciate that you post the links on FB, I don't always remember to come here and they serve as reminders to me. And I love what you write - not only the knee stuff, which as you know helped my mom immeasurably when she was going through hers, but all of them.

    1. Thanks Carrie...I may just do that....the linking on FB....I don't want it to be a sad, woe is me blog but as everything else in my life right now, I don't know what the future holds or my attitude about it.


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