Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bugsy Has a New Address

Yep, the bunny has moved. Bugsy is now living on fresh carpet. I think it's St. Augustine wich isn't really new but much better then the worn out spot he was living on. He has relocated to 300 ft. west of where his previous domicile was located.

Bugsy's home isn't on wheels but it should be. We unhooked the metal rabbit run that is attached to his condo, and pulled the structure away, put it on a dolly and moved it to a fresh spot of grass.

Bugsy's condo wasn't contructed with the thought that it would be permanent so today after moving it the husband took screws and driver and reattached the boards that had wiggled loose. That took a while and I heard the husband mumbling about having better things to do. I did notice that he cut a piece of cloth and attached it over  Bugsy back door to better keep out the cold, wind and the light. I grinned a bit but didn't mention it to him. I think the husband likes to have me believe that he thinks Bugsy is JUST an animal.

As soon as the metal run was reattached, I rescued him from his carrier and deposited him into his new patch of grass.

Bugsy was lost. His ground didn't smell like home to him. He hopped around and around and around again. He went in and out of his condo and in and out. The bunny was definetly disturbed. He went to a corner to look for his bathroom area. I watched him for a while and he didn't look happy. I thought we were doing a good thing by moving him.

Apparently there is no place like home and that applies to bunnies too. Occasionally I go check on him. He is hiding in his house. I'm sure that is the only thing that feels familiar to him right now.
Poor bunny. I'll give him a few days to acclimate. Stay tuned for more breaking news and updates on Bugsy.


  1. He'll be ok in a few days. Animals are suspicious about change. My two new dogs are being moved about too. At first, the brick shelter at the back of the house which they refused to use...then to a shelter built by my husband at the side of the house...but they could get out through a gap in the fence, so now they are in the main garden and sleeping on a carpet in the front of the old house. Husband is busy securing the fence at the back of the house and making the shelter more cosy, so after their ops on Friday they'll be moving again. They get used to it. Like Bugsy, as long as they are fed and cared for, they will be happy.

  2. I'm visiting him a lot...he seems better today..not trying to climb up the walls of his run.

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