Sunday, March 3, 2013

Phones, Pet Stores and Play

I paced myself yesterday. I didn't want to over extend myself. Though I noted the floors needed vacuumed and the beds made, I paced myself. So slowly did I pace, I never got around to do anything.
Waiting till the stores opened, after getting all spiffed up, eyeliner in place and lips brightened with 'Cherries in the Snow", I headed across town in the Marquis. A red convertible Corvette caused me to snap my head around as it passed by me. It was 56 degrees and the blond female driving it had the top down. My car's heater hadn't yet started blowing warm air on me and as enclosed as I was in that behemoth, I was cold. I surmise her convertible was a new acquirement and Spring wasn't worth waiting on. I remember when I got my convertible. In the month of November for a few hours every day it was warm enough to drop the top and I did. The next year arrives and the top stays up, the car stays parked and me and the Marquis strike up our relationship with each other for the remainder of the year.
The husband is still sitting on a rig in Lindsay, Oklahoma and he expects to be there through this coming week. We don't mind, neither of us. His job consists of him sitting in a mobile home on location watching the drilling crew put pipe down the hole and if something pressures up or loses pressure, he scuttles outside and over to the rig to tell them or figure out what the problem is. Out of his 12 hr shift, he may put in 3 hrs of actual "on rig" time. When they decided to drill only and not core, all of his equipment is ordered out of the hole and he gets to hang out for 2 or 3 days doing nothing until they go back to coring then he has to be there while they pick up his bit and tools and get them started back in the hole to core. If the bit and pipe make it to bottom without getting stuck or in a tight place he still gets to hang out and watch the roughnecks; then he has to determine when they have tagged bottom so they can start drilling with his core bit.
Ahhhhh..l want a job like his. I don't want to run up and down long hallways, having never enough time to really attend to your patients needs as should be done. Right in the middle of making sure IVs are on time, IV sites need to be restarted as one has infiltrated or the patients has pulled it out, the pumps in other rooms are shrieking and then someone codes...and it's "all hands on deck" for resuscitation. Sometime I would be home sound asleep in my bed and shoot straight up into a sitting position to go over what I had done that day to determine if I had forgotten something critical.
Whaaaaaa...I don't want to do that anymore. Nurses are lucky they don't all end up with fibromylgia, bad backs and bad knees.
On my trip yesterday, I met April and Shane at Stein's (home improvement store) where we replaced her lawnmower with a new one, same size and brand. She had picked out a shade of yellow paint and I was appalled. It was almost chartreuse. OK, maybe not really but it was a bright bright yellow. I thought she was going for a more 'gold' yellow color. She tried to reason with me saying it was going to have a "wash' over it and it would be toned down. We couldn't agree; she wasn't going to discuss it so we didn't get anything. Now I wish I had left her alone to select what she wanted. At least the walls would have been painted a fresh new color. Maybe today we can go back and I can manage to keep my lips together while she selects a color. The husband impresses upon me often that that is HER home, not mine. Sometimes I actually listen to him.
After leaving Stein's I headed for the Pet Store. We have a huge one here, aisles that seem endless stocked with supplies for any pet kept critter you can imagine. I never make it all the way around the place. Right now I'm focused on bunny stuff. The manager paged Chantall to the front where I stood and introduced us. Chantall is the bunny lady.
Bugsy ended up with some chew sticks and a mineral wheel. She assured me that Bugsy would be fine sleeping outside and it was best to keep his food dish full. "He won't overeat. He will stop when he gets full." Both pieces of information relieved me of a bit of worry about him. I still took two blankets out to his condo. One draped over the condo an and the other was used to close off a portion of his door to cut down on cold air coming in. I left a small portion to the side clear so he could get in.
I got a brochure on "Beginner Rabbits'. I'm surmising that title meant me and not the Bugsy. He has been a rabbit all his life. I'm so quick to catch on to these things.
Listed in my brochure, foods, habitat and health of rabbits and what to watch for. Today I'll be going back once again to the pet store to get him some medicine for fleas. I notice a tiny brown object moving through his white fur last night as I held him on my chest and petted him. That flea had no change of hiding in that white background.
Along with those few things I purchased for him, I got him a halter so we can walk the bunny. Carrie is so excited. We haven't tried it yet as I just purchased it yesterday and Carrie was at a birthday party for one of her friends then fell sick and was vomiting so she didn't spend the night with me. Today we may halter up the bunny and let her walk him around the house until both of them get acclimated to each other.
One more stop and I was ready to head home. AT&T was my next visit. I left with an upgrade on my cell phone. I didn't get the iPhone5. The iPhone 4 was good enough. The difference in the bigger screen on the 5 was not enough to entice me to spend 200.00. My upgrade to the iPhone 4 cost me 99 cents and I was good with that. It has Face time on it where my iPhone 3 did not. A few other features were better then what I had on my old phone, the speaker appears to be more clear and I was satisfied with my purchase. I don't use my cell phone to surf or read my mail very often. I have the minimum amount of data time. I prefer to use my iPad at a hotspot which are now all over the place. I just noticed yesterday, Burger King has joined Wendy's and McDonald's and the parking lot at Lowe's with WiFi. I have a WiFi app that finds all the WiFi's around me so I can park and surf should I feel the need. I can only text those who have iPhones. It's free. I blocked texting with the charge. I'm not a big fan of texting. For gripes sake, pick up the phone and talk. I figure if you can't speak to me then it's not really that important that you contact me.
Occasionally I will leave a text for the husband if he is on location on the rig. He can get the message and call me later but I could just as easy have left him a voice mail. No!'s EASIER to leave a voice mail. All that typing on that itty bitty slippery screen using ones thick thumbs suck.
I love technology. Some of it makes no sense to me. I feel as though texting was a step back in telephone usage. Ol Alexander G Bell would have been appalled at our neglect of the wonderful voice over distance invention he inspired. Now we are back to Morse code refined.
I'm on my second cup of coffee. I have promised myself that I will not leave this house until I tidy it up a bit. I want to check the theatre listings here and I might just sneak off to watch a movie today.
Whatever you decide to do, make it enjoyable. I'm gone!

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