Friday, March 29, 2013

She Whispered Softly

Thursday, March 29th, 2013. I barely made it. Two surgeries before this one was done in March.
My daughter was born in March and my beloved grandmother.

I have to post in spurts. Once that button is depressed for the Dilaudid,  the effects hit within minutes and along with the medicine comes the itching, the slurred voice and then I'm gone to la la land for a while. I try to fight it when guests are here which makes for some funny questions from the daughter. Louise appeared for  a few minutes. She was working and took a short break to offer her support.

I don't have many friends here but the few I do are alike in many ways. It's an exclusive club.

 Louise is  a kind gentle person. Soft spoken and petite, she lives and let lives. Spiritually, she spends much of her time in her flower gardens; she visited Machu Picau, likes herself well enough that she doesn't need a crowd around.

 Wanda was married to my brother. I usually say when  introducing her to others "This is my ex sister in law. She divorced my brother but kept the rest of the family."

Again, Wanda has some of the character traits of Louise. She is quick to respond to teasing my husband lays on her; a good sense of humor and spiritually, much like Louise and myself. Wanda doesn't like crowds either.

Sometimes I go for a few years before I connect with Louise. She has a busy life. Wanda lives 18hrs away but we keep in contact on the phone.

A few more women, Kathy and Peggy. Kathy I've known since the third grade and  Peggy a friend since I moved here and foremost my daughter.

The daughter is much more like me then she thinks. She can take a stand on something she believes in and will defend her believes no matter what you may believe. She does allow you to have your beiefs as the other women I have mentioned here.

Most of these people have some thing in common with me and everyone of them accept people as they are. That's the part I like best about them.

Everyone of them have rallied around during this emotional time in my life.

I was in "holding" preparing for surgery yesterday. The husband sat to my right and in front of me in a chair they bought into  the room for him. A nurse in front and to the  left had her computer on rolling stand taking my H&P (history and physical). A surgery nurse was attached to my right arm starting an IV while the left arm was being punctured for a lab stick.

A surgical nurse walked in wearing light blue surgery scrubs, her hair covered by a net cap. Her eyes matched her scrubs in color, a light seemed to flow from them. Time was getting close to go and a tear rolled down my cheek. Too much happening at one time I think.

This woman, put a hand on each side of my face and laid her cheek against mine and whispered a prayer. She had a soft powdery smell about her, clean and fresh. She whispered a prayer for the surgery to be successful, and the healing quick. I didn't see her again but we all know they don't hang around long. They have too much to do.

The Versed kicked in, the husband shared a kiss.  I settled back on the gurney as they rolled me to the surgery suite.

The prep continued, arms and legs strapped down, and the sedative began.

I believe an angel is what you feel and see and believe; actions of kindness and think I saw one in surgery yesterday.


  1. ya know Buffalo...I have a feeling you and Kat would fit right in my little exclusive club.

  2. You have so much courage Charlotte. I have been thinking of you constantly and hoping everything is going according to plan.

    You have some wonderful friends, and it's just what you need at a time like this....true friends will always be there for you, like you are for them.

    Hoping for a speedy recovery from this stage in your journey. With much love xxx

  3. Ayak, I don't think it's couragel. It's the only path for me to follow. I have shed lots of tears...we all have. I do have some good friends and my daugher and husband and I'm grateful for them. It makes me happy to know that though you and Buffalo are my online friends you both are ther. Strange how we made a connectio with others though we haven't physically met. Thank you very much for your support.


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