Thursday, March 14, 2013

Only Me

I've been interviewed, tagged and toted off to an inner waiting room. No one is here but me. The husband is waiting in the outer waiting room. A glass fronted office is directly in front of me, empty and lightless.

I hope no one forgets that I'm out here alone. We found the light switch for the waiting room and flipped it on.

I dry swallowed a Klonopin and wondered if I should have swallowed two instead of one.

This test should last almost three hours. I'm wondering if we get breaks? We? there is no "we" here. I'm already sleepy so couple that with the Klonopin and I might just sleep through most of it.

Here we go...they are here to take me away. One more test done and no new appointments until I see the surgeon on Monday. I'll let ya know if anyone notices my bright fresh toe nail polish.

ah, the Tech just arrived and started an iv. have to type with one hand now. normal saline hanging and the isotope has been injected. the test doesn't really take a lot of time. it;s the hour and a half wait time for the isotope to travel through the body. actual picture time is about 29 minutes. maybe i should;t have taken that klonopin.

excuse the typing on this. one hand sucks. we are now in a treatment room and the husband is waiting with me.

my appetite has been non existent but of course right now i could eat a short steroid injected bovine.

moving on...

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