Friday, March 22, 2013

I Should be Doing Something Other then This

Friends know I'm an avid reader. I'll read whatever you suggest, whatever you send. Facebook is a wonderful area to find reading material. I won't promise that you will learn much or at times not waste hours scrolling through other people's walls to observe their actions.
Recently a friend a I were talking about a "friend" on her FB page.
One day the rant of this male "friend"  was roaring along which she says happens about once a week. His friends were offering support. The rant turned ugly and cruel and the comments from his friends  on his comments started tapering off, support diminished, the crowd embarrassed by the callous, cruel posts. There are just some things that one shouldn't be critical of but apparently boundary lines are blurred for this individual.
This friend of mine  knew what the next day would bring. God and religion peppered his page. Web sites offering free printed material to post; verses from the Bible, pictures of Christ, prayers and love. He fools few.
She laughed and said "It's make up day. He has to prove what a good kind person he is so after the ugliness of the day before, he tries to salvage himself with all the religious postings.
Apparently this is her favorite person to watch. She tunes in frequently for her daily dose of "psych drama".
Yes Facebook, you are much entertainment to many. I, like my friend, am not one to post much. It's more fun for me to watch the show. I've never been one that liked to be center stage.


  1. It's certainly the perfect place to people watch. I enjoy it too. I've had my share of abusive comments. The way I see it is that the people making such comments are usually those who haven't the courage to say it to your face!

  2. who turned loose the bulies? that's what I think when I watch them....and someitmes Ithink they are recruiting...tnen they go too far and everyone starts backing off. Somehow they sense this...and the next day the "holy one" shows up....FB is too much fun!


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