Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bugs, Bugsy and A Trial

She reaches her small hand up and scratches the top of her head. A few minutes pass and she again scratches, this time behind her ears. Dandruff. That's what the school nurse says so the daughter and I both bought some Head and Shoulders shampoo. Whether she stays here or at her mom's house, we will have the dandruff shampoo at our disposal. We work in tandem on problems concerning Carrie.

After a few days of using the Head and Shoulders, I questioned the daughter as to when this shampoo was going to be effective. Carrie is still digging at her scalp and the back of her neck has a rash like redness. Maybe we should take her to a doctor?

The daughter thinks I am over reacting but I feel so sorry for Carrie. Watching her scratch her head even in her sleep leaves me feeling helpless.

Last night after her bath, the daughter says to her, "Let me check your hair again."  And there it was. Lice. Head lice.

This was not the first time the daughter had checked her. I had a look myself and didn't see a thing.

Alcohol and vinegar. Spray bottles were filled and the treatment was in full swing. First the bottle of alcohol was used to saturate her hair. A shower cap was pulled down over the saturated hair and Carrie was left to watch TV for an hour. Next came the vinegar. The alcohol kills the adult lice while the vinegar is used to dissolve the glue stuff that the nits use to hang onto the hair shaft. Then a very fine comb, a nit comb is used to drag the nits out of the hair.

This is a three day treatment and Carrie was kept out of school today. Tomorrow she will be able to go back. The last I saw of her this afternoon, she was back beneath the shower bonnet watching her hour of TV awaiting the vinegar.

Before her final treatment today, she accompanied me to my house for the afternoon. I warned her that I would be watching the Arias trial and she promised she could entertain herself. She had her box of colored pencils and markers. A few sheets of typing paper were gathered and she busied herself making Easter Cards.

Soon I was bent over a sheet of paper with colored pencil in hand drawing pictures for Carrie. Bugsy was cavorting in the dining room blocked off from joining us by the plastic gates that guard the doorways. Bugsy now has a litter box and he is learning to use it. He's not perfect yet but I'm grateful that he is trying. Carrie says he will be going to her dad's this weekend and may not be coming back here for a while.

I'm going to miss that bunny but not the responsibility of having him around. While he is gone, I plan on moving his condo to a new location where he will have some fresh grass and a yard that remains less prone to flooding.

The trial will be in recess until Monday. I'll be lost.

It's shower time and alcohol time. Once exposed to head lice, everyone close has to do the "treatment". Everyone here smells like an antiseptic pad so it's not only Carrie that is being subjected to this.

I'm done.


  1. I have a few days to catch up on the trial as my internet has been on and off for the past week. I do wish she would stop answering Martinez's questions with another question, and acting so dumb when it is very clear she is not. If I were on the jury I would be so sick of her by now. She is doing herself absolutely no favours at all. She just comes across as smirking and trying to out-smart the Prosecution...not a good move when your life is at stake.

  2. After the Casey Anthony trial.....I have no idea how this will go. Dateline did an interview on friends of Travis Alexander's last night. They talked about her behavior being what she was taught with PPL....said she learned it well...the behavior that would convince people to sign up for PPL....I think PPL was much like the selling of Amway and those other pyramid schemes and all those guys living there together were living on precarious paychecks..but they looked successful to Jodi and that's what she was detemined to have after all the loser boyfriends from her past....


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