Sunday, March 10, 2013

It was Only a Scare?????

Forwarded from a FB page:
drama queen blog........................'PLOUGHING THROUGH LIFE""...thats all
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And this was my message to Ellen in response to their FB conversaton:
  • My status

    From:Ann Tellez (
    Sent:Mon 3/11/13 12:19 AM

    I have been notified that you and Muesetta are really interested in my health status.
    Based on that, I would like to take a moment to update you on the truth of my condition.
    CT scans have ruled out tumors in my thorax, abdomen and pelvis. I have to have a PET scan done to find out if there is any cancer cells that haven't grouped into tumors. They are trying to find out if I have metastized into the breast or if it is just the breast. I will have a surgeon place a mediport as soon as they can get me scheduled. Then they will decide if I need to have surgery or chemo first. Either way, I will have both, just not determined at this time which is first. I will have to have radiation also. I'm looking forward to being very ill and losing my hair which is really a minor inconvenience if they can rule out from the PET scan that it hasn't invaded my whole body which then means there isn't much hope of survival.
    I have kept this last test's importance unannounced to April and the husband. April is not doing well and neither is my husband. We cry a lot and we hold each other a lot.
    My husband said tonight "If I could take this from you I would, because you have more to live for then I do."

    I'll instruct April to send some money for the party you and Muesetta are sure to enjoy should I die. I hate having people tell me how cruel she is with her comments on FB about me and the cancer and her trying to make light of it. I have been told that at least you haven't egged her on but you haven't also said anything to her about her callousness.

    It must be horrible to be filled with so much poison. That outer facade of happiness she exhibits is just that..a facade.

    I hope that you will respect me and my family enought to NOT share this with your best buddy and I hope this gives you enough information on my condition that seems so petty to some people.





    1. Unbelievably cruel and heartless. I am shocked Charlotte, and angry that a sister, who should be there for you at this time can behave in such an evil way. I may not believe in religion but I sure as hell believe in karma.

    2. Ayak: i think the jealousy spurs and fuels her. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that she would take this attitude though. Ignoring the issue would have been what I thought she would do. Instead she feels the need to make is some sort of joke.
      I have an older sister, who claims to be very devout. She won't chastize her for her behavior...she doesn't want to get involved. I told her last night "I would never allow this to go on with you, were the tables turned. Religion!'s kind isn't it?


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