Monday, March 25, 2013

Relax, Veins; Dilate and that's an order!

Just a short post before the Ambien kicks in and I start slobbering onto the keyboard. I look like a drunk on last call at the bar when that Ambien gets full control. 
The blood pressure cuff I have is one of those automatic ones and I don't trust it. Different readings lead me to believe I am either stroke level or ready to bottom out from it being so low. The first reading scared me so bad I swallowed a Klonopin. The husband questioned me on it and I told him that's why the doctor ordered it. Anxiety causes the blood pressure to rise. I've only taken about 3 total out of the bottle he gave me almost three weeks ago so I don't qualify to be named a druggie yet. I'm not one to enjoy the downed out feeling that these drugs cause. I did get a nap today which I havne't been able to do for a long while.
I just swallowed that Ambien and I am jonesin for a nice long sleep.
I'm outta here to enjoy every bit of it!

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