Sunday, March 31, 2013

4 Days Post Opt. and Gone

The surgeon made rounds  early this afternoon. The Foley was removed this morning and finally I felt nature's  call. I have an IV of  Lactated Ringers running at 100ccs an hour and the Diludid  on demand.

He asked how I felt  and of course I tried to look as healtjy as possibe and plastered a big smile on my face. I denied all pain, no swelling and mentioned the great bouts of urination  I was having along with the  flatulance that was required before being discharged ffrom thie hospital.

I asked if the IV could be DC'd. He agreeded and said the  Dilauaded could be stopped if  I didnt need it. I was IV free and I could cruise along by myself without taking all this stuff with me.

My nest qusestion was  "Can I go home tomorrow?" I really didn"t expect him to say "yes" but that's exactly what he said.

I'm packing now. Of course the surgeon that did the surgery might have a different opinion when he rounds tomorrow. I'm packing anyway.

I'm on my way to shampoo my hair, find my lipstick  and eyeliner. I want to look as bright and shiny as possible tomorrow morning.

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