Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wednesday and the MRI

The daughter met us at the house and we all boarded the Dodge and headed to St. Mary's Imaging Center. I used to work here so I was familiar with the staff.

More paperwork and then Don the MRI tech showed up. A big hug was exchanged and I introduced him to Fidel and April and said my goodbyes to them. April went to the back with me while I shed my jewelry and clothes and got into the gown we are all familiar with. I had taken a Klonopin so I was feeling calm and only wished for a place to sleep.

Blanche the nurse, and Don walked me back to the MRI room where Blanche explained the positioning for this test. It was done while laying on my stomach, my breasts placed in cup like holders, my chin on a holder with a mirror that reflected out into the room. I could see Don sitting behind the glassed wall that separated him from the MRI room.

20 minutes into the scan, the dye was injected. As soon as the taste reached my mouth, I started vomiting. I called for Don, waved my hands outward and waited for him to notice. Apparently he was entering some data into his computer and hadn't noticed I was in distress.

When he looked up and noticed, he shut down the scanner and rushed into the room. A few minutes later Blanche was at my side. Cold towels were offered while I continued to dry heave. When asked "When was the last time you ate something, I replied "Three days ago."

Immediately my IV was flushed and a bolus of Normal Saline was administered. This test was not going well. Dry heaves and an awesome headache lasted for another few minutes and the test was resumed. Unfortunately, with the time lapse after the dye was injected, the information they were looking for would be lost and this test might have to be rescheduled. They were going to check with the radiologist and the oncologist.

Later that afternoon the Imagine Center called to say the test would be put on hold until the oncologist was seen.

Still later that afternoon the oncologists office called and moved my appointment up to this Friday instead of next Tuesday. I don't know if that means good news or bad news.

Things are moving along at such a rapid pace. We are just making it through one day at a time.


  1. Didn't know you were having any problems - what's wrong?

  2. Internet service resumed so at least I can comment now.

    This is all happening so fast, but that's a good thing. But Charlotte you really must try to eat to keep up your strength. I know it must be difficult with how you're feeling. I also don't eat when I'm under stress, so I understand. Do try. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you. Sending you hugs xxx


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