Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bugsy Has Moved Out

Kids! You know how they are. They get to a certain age and think they must have a place of their own. Not realizing how much it costs and the expenses of moving out, they soon come to realize how fortunate they were to have had a place that didn't cost them a thing.

No more rabbit pellets on my grocery bill. No more alfalfa supplied by this house. Her mineral wheel, her chew sticks and the shaved wood on the floor of her hutch will no longer be my responsibility.

Bugsy is an albino. It took me a while to figure out why she stayed in her hutch most of the day. Those red eyes were probably very sensitive to sunlight.

As soon as the shade moved over her area, late in the afternoon, Bugsy would peek out of her condo. If you happen to be up around 0300, you could see her racing around her "run", into her house and back out again to continue her race. She would stand in one spot, shake her head and then spring straight up into the air and do a 180 degree turn. That was my favorite thing to see her do.

Bugsy will still be dependant on someone. It just won't be me. She has no visible means of income so moving out on her own wasn't an option. She has moved in with April and Carrie. April spent some of her birthday money on a rabbit hutch for her own yard.

Bugsy has moved up in the world..literally. Her new home has 3 levels with stairs leading up to each floor. I think the wood is redwood. A green domed roof tops off the top floor. We will move the "run" part down to April's house for Bugsy to do her midnight escapades.

I'm going to miss her but April said I can visit anytime I wish.

As April was carrying her supplies out the door I was following closely behind babbling instructions on taking care of her. She drinks lots of water..check it often. Watch for flood waters...don't let her food bowl sit out if it rains...and on and on. April kept nodding and moving toward her Jeep. Sometimes I think April humors me and is rolling her eyes  when she is turned away from me.

I'm am now pet free once again. I will say this. If you ever want a pet, a rabbit is an easy peasy pet. Very little, water and clover and you're good.


  1. Anytime you want it you can have it that hutch travels well.... I cant believe I have a flippin rabbit that makes me break out.... Dont make me forget to latch that door ...

  2. You'll miss her, but you can still see her often which is good. She'll be happy in her luxurious house with April and Carrie.

    (Hmmm..maybe I should have considered a rabbit before rescuing these 3 street dogs!)

  3. If you really loved would not call her an "IT". I had gender identidy problems with her/him. Sometimes I called Bugsy a girl and sometimes I referred to Bugsy as him. I think I finally settled on "HER"...I want to get a tiara, Carrie's blue sequined one she has it and have a photo session for HER.

  4. Ayak: Bugsy didn't need but those dogs you have did. Where woudl they be and what kind of treatment would they have had to endure had you not taken them in. A good heart you have!


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