Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Silence, The Hunger, "The Day Before"

I'm wrapped in a Saint's blanket that was gifted to me at Christmas. I think it was a joke gift or so I have been told. It's one of those blanket  things that has sleeves on it. I ignore the sleeves and they hang like appendages when I shake it out to rearrange it. I've though about snipping them off. I haven't worn this blanket as it was intended but I do use it to sneak beneath on these cold mornings when I'm on the sofa before everyone gets up and stirring around.

I have the house to myself; or at least this room. Three little children, one teen and 4 adults are here right now and this person banging away on the keyboard is the only one awake. Blissful silence!

Today I am on a liquid diet. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm starving. The first think I thought of when I left my bed and headed to the sofa in the living room was some leftover baked steak and gravy over rice. Instead some strawberry jello and a cup of black coffee is in my immediate future. I'm well stocked up on jello. Two containers of sherbet sit atop each other on the freezer shelf. Two cans of tomato soup, no milk, no butter and no crackers are stationed beside the stove should I slip and forget. A reminder of my diet.

This afternoon between 1400 and 1600hrs I will be sipping on some Mag Citrate. Purchased from Walmart, it's clear bottle holds Lemon flavored liquid that promises to keep me house bound for the afternoon. NPO after midnight. That's my plans for today almost.

When the house guests awake, the daughter will arrive to fix sausage biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs. I get to observe.

As soon as everyone gets dressed, I'm assuming hours from breakfast, we will tour the Tabasco factory in New Iberia and then make a few stops around town. Time is limited for much sight seeing now. Wanda, Rob and the boys have to be back home by 1600 hrs. on Saturday. I have to be in the hospital tomorrow morning.

The husband took them to the swamp yesterday to look for alligators which was on their "want list of things to see."

Wanda was here last year at this time. We whipped around all over the place in the roadster with the rag top down. This year the highs have been in the 50's and at night dipping down into the 30's. It hasn't be a warm vacation for them. The only redeeming factor is WV is beneath 5 inches of snow and it's much colder there.

It's time to publish this and either lay quietly beneath this sleeved blanket or make a pot of coffee.

I'm going to try the first option.

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