Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here Today

Baked steak and gravy, rice and corn on the cob and dinner is served.

I started early with this meal so it would be ready when the guests arrived. Wanda, Rob and the boys arrived this afternoon.

Beds were turned down and luggage was unloaded. Meal time was for when and who was hungry.

I had to shop today for my lovely menu for tomorrow. At least I can have tomato soup but it has to be done with water and the usual bouillon, jello and a new item. I get to have sherbet. I should hear tomorrow when the surgery time is scheduled for Thursday.

I'm going to do my usual on how I project forward at times like this. One month from today, I'll be done with this. It will be in the past. I try to not think about the fact  that  that will probably be the time I will be starting chemo. Always something huh?

I have to sign guests here and I don't want to appear rude.
Catch ya later!

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