Friday, March 8, 2013

A Long Road and a Rabbit

It took a year to get my prosthetic knee rehabilitated.

My new journey has started and I have no idea how long this trip will be but I'm in for the ride for as long as it takes. The alternative is not an attractive option.

Mostly we are relieved, strange as it may be that the diagnosis was confirmed of cancer; not generalized but confined to the breast.  The CT scan of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis showed no signs of cancer. One more test is still needed to rule out this possibility. A PET scan will be done.

With the history of colon cancer in my maternal side of the family, the dreaded colonoscopy will be scheduled. The doctor said it was not an option but a necessity.

I'm going to be busy for a while. Tests, procedures, surgeries, chemo and radiation, will be started as soon as I can be put on the schedule.

Should we have any funds remaining, I want a wonderful long distant vacation when this is over; one that requires use of my passport.

Switching streams here, Bugsy has left for the weekend. Carrie picked her up this afternoon and is taking her to visit with her dad in Lydia. I'm gonna miss that bunny.

She won't come out of her hutch for just anybody. I have to go out and call for her. It's not that she thinks I'm more attractive. She relates me to food and clover, water and warmth. I try to hold her for a few minutes each day so she won't become a feral rabbit. She remains sweet and lovable, nibbling on my fingers though the wire enclosure, rushing over to stand on her food dish close to the opening waiting for me to open it and pick her up. I wuv that silly wabbit!

The daughter and the husband tease me about spoiling her and worrying too much about her comfort. She's an animal and it's our responsibility to care for her to the best of our ability.

I'm off here to distress a little. It has been a rough week for all of us here.


  1. I think that rabbit came along at just the right time. In times of stress to love an animal who loves you back unconditionally is a wonderful thing.

    I hope when you have your holiday you might take in Turkey. You never know, maybe we will eventually be able to meet up. xxxx

  2. I would love to vacation in Turkey. I'm fascinated witht he pictures you post and the culture there.
    What would be perfect is to vacation up with you as you go on one of your trips to England...tag with you and be a guide for us in England!

  3. That would be great wouldn't it?


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