Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Couldn't Be a Bunny

Bugsy made his way back to his rabbit run in the back yard yesterday. He had spent the weekend on Holiday in Lydia, Louisiana with Carrie and her dad.

It's now back to the old grind for Bugsy. As is with most of us at the end of a vacation, he is back in his home. His food and water has been attached to the walls surrouding his portion of fenced in grass. I watched from the french doors as he explored his area. Late last night I again peeked out to see if he had went into his hutch. He was stretched out close to his food dish looking a bit bored.

What entertainment does a rabbit require? Maybe I should keep the patio television turned on and swivel it around so he can see it.

We have to be careful of what we put in his pen. Rabbits chew on everything so it has to be digestible bunny stuff only so that leaves out plastic toys and balls.

I couldn't be a rabbit. Instead of reading a book, he would be eating it and there goes the thought of a good book for entertainment.

I couldn't be a rabbit. Being contained to one small area would be devastating for me. I've barely been able to stay in one town for an extended period of years.

I couldn't be a rabbit. Living without my laptop would be unbearable.

Bunnies don't drive. How depressing.

I'm done

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