Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colonoscopy Prep or Somebody FEED ME!

Clinical report: I made my way to the gastro dept at LGMC and collected the bowel prep kit. Clear liquids today. I started out with jello and apple juice around 1400 hrs. By 1600 hrs I could imagine Bugsy, hairless and being roasted to a nice dark brown on the outside pit.

1800 hrs: Bouillon. Who ever thought it would be so tasty. I dropped two cubes into a  cup of hot water and settled back to sip slowly the best culinary experience of my life.

From there the experience of the evening took a sharp plunge on "the scale of having fun"

6 oz of the special juice poured into 10 ozs of cold water and consume all within an hour followed immediately by 32 ozs of water. I was prepared for this rodeo.

Picture this ...or not. Personal preference on picturing this but I'm gonna give you a brief description of my evening,

A TV tray parked in front of the toilet. My iPad, telephone, a book and my reading glasses occupy the table. I occupy the throne or the seat of honor.

What better time to write a blog. You may have read them. April's Birthday and another the bunny. Yes ma'am..those were bought to you direct from the throne room here in my humble home.

I was in here so long (have you guessed  that's where I am right now?) that the husband kept calling to check on me. He called....from a distance....a few
This room is now called The Toxic Room.

I made my way to bed and snuggled down with my Ambien. The alarm on my phone was set to blast me out of bed at 0315. I beat the alarm by awakening on my own.

I'm back in The Toxic Room imaging those sounds I hear are of a bad rain storm, heavy rain and much thunder. Are you following me here on the metaphors?

My colonoscopy is scheduled for 0815 this morning. I hope I'm dethroned by that time.

Hope your day brings you steaks, chops, spaghetti, soups, salads, apple crisp, corn bread; plates overflowing with food. I might be a little hungry here in the Toxic Room. 

I've made plans to have a lunch wagon parked in front of my house when I return from this test.

Have a great day my friends!

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  1. Oh I remember all this only too well from when I had a colonoscopy a few years ago. Not a pleasant experience at all. Yes the Toxic Room describes it pretty well!


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