Monday, April 1, 2013

Waiting on the Surgeon

Last night, just as planned I shampooed my hair and twisted and fluffed it into all over curls, pulling some down to cover the whisps of white that were creeping into my eyebows. HEY, when did that happen. Note to  myself: when coloring hair save a little of that stuff for the eyebrows.

My hypertensive medicine, Coreg has been bumped up from 12.5 mg. to 25mg BID...or twice a day for my friends that are not in the medical field. (that would be you Nesie.)

I think I'm going to walk the hall to scout out the doctors.
OOps..the doctors have just arrived. I've been checked out and I'm ready to go. The cafeteria is sending me a full diet to see if I can tolerate it.
The Nurse Manager asked if the staff had treated me well. The only bruises I've noted is from the Heparin injections on my legs.

I'm going to miss the daily linen changes; mine get done once a week at home. Breakfast on a tray by the bedside? Not gonna   happen. Drugs on demand? I had enough 
I may finish this post when I get home. I've heard all the flower beds have been planted and they were rejoicing in the rain that came through last night.
I think I'll look for a valet cart to get me out of this overpriced hotel.

I had to take a short break...the doctor came and gone  and I'm a free bird. That is a misnomer. A freebird would never move this slow.
Waiting on patient escort to get here and get me to the car.
I'm done here.


  1. So what is the prognosis? Are you as fit as a fiddle and ready to play? (after a little rehab)

  2. This colon surgery was unexpected, The cancer here had to removed and classified so they could move on to the breast cancer. In four weeks will be in an outpatient surgery center for a mediport placeplacement...then chemo will start..then surgery again and then radiation. We have only begun.


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