Monday, December 1, 2008

A Monday morning

Hello WORLD!!!

I'm up and about and the plumber is here! Not that one thing has to do with the other but both things I'm excited about.

I'm getting better once again and this time I'm taking it easy for the next few days. No lifting anything heavy and frequent heating pad breaks for a while. No more back spasms. It's a good day already.

The plumber just arrived and they (plumber and helper) are holed up in the bathroom cutting holes. Trying to find where the water enters the house so they can cut those pipes and re pipe with PEX. I'm watching the clock. 125.00 per hour makes one a clock watcher! The joys of home ownership.
I thought when I moved to warm climate country most of the year, my piping problems were over. Left behind in the cold winters of Wyoming and Colorado. Seems I was a bit wrong. Different place, different problem.

It's cold here today and breezy which makes it seem even colder then the 45 degree temps that are registering. I fear I've become a bit of a pansy when it comes to cold weather. Just not used to it any more. I remember when I would step outside in Wyoming and the moisture in my nostrils would freeze. Everything felt brittle; hands would stick to metal so gloves were a necessity. Ah the good old days of busting snow drifts with the bumper of my car if I could even find my car in the 22 inches of new snow that would suddenly dump down upon us.
From my living room window I could see the top of the mountain where there was a small ski slope. If the top of the mountain was not visible I knew it would be a great day of fresh snow for skiing. I was usually the first person on the slope and got to track the new snow before anyone else.
Skiing was my passion. From east coast to west I was most fortunate to be able to ski the slopes. A "snow snob" was I. If the snow felt grainy I packed it in and went home. Boiler plate found usually on the eastern slopes is why I prefer the west for the good stuff.
I got to travel thru Switzerland but no skiing. Maybe next time. I've skied in Colorado with people FROM Switzerland and they said our snow was just as good as skiing theirs. That's "western snow" they were talking about. I've skied the east and know the difference.
Two blown knees from the antics on the slope have slowed down my skiing. I still like to watch the Salome racers in the Olympics.

Time for a heating pad break. I've watched more TV in the past week then I had for the entire year of 2008. Reality shows suck. What's up with that? Do people really watch that stuff?

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