Thursday, December 4, 2008

Survived the day

No ibuprofen, no heat pad..I'm a new woman! I don't want to become too elated. It might be bad luck. I'll just cruise along and enjoy being pain free and hope it continues.
I have a friend in WV that just got connected to the Internet. Heck..she just got a computer this week. I'm spending some time on the phone with her walking her through some learning. She catches on quickly and is so excited about having a computer and internet. She has much learning to do and is a great source of entertainment for me while she is learning.
I have to remember back to when I first got a computer (20yrs ago) in Phoenix, Az. I was clueless. We had just relocated from Casper, Wyoming where nobody had computers in the offices. Phoenix was and still is a hi tech town. I had to have some computer skills to get a job so I signed up for a class on an Indian Reservation. They taught the basics. No internet at that time so I was learning what you could do with just the computer.
The class was just a six week long class but it gave me enough information and knowledge to continue learning on my own.
When I arrived here in Lafayette, Louisiana, very few people had computers in their homes much less be internet. When I would mention it at work my co workers had no idea what I was talking about.
Now I don't know anyone that ISN'T on the internet. For a person who loves to read, it's an awesome tool; for others it may serve to research something or to email.
I use it for everything. I shop, pay bills, read, email, renew license and use the photo programs to edit photos and more.
I would rather give up the TV before the internet and with the economy in free fall I might have to make that decision someday!

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