Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Govenors and The President Elect

This morning I watched a meeting of the state governors with the President Elect.
I listened to President Elect Obama as he opened the meeting with his views and plans.
So refreshing to hear a President (elect) who spoke intelligently and clearly; who wasn't an embarrassment to listen to; who didn't appear to be a talking puppet for someone behind the scenes operating him.
I remember listening to Bush at times and it seemed he was repeating what he was told without understanding what he was saying. He didn't appear to even notice his gaffs; he was repeating words taught without thought; without his thoughts.
I always envisioned Bush being kept in a room with TV, beer and lots of snacks. When he was needed for a public appearance, they pulled him out of that room, gave him a prepared script and prepped him for his public appearance and sent him out.
I wonder how relieved he will be to be away from office. In other circumstances, I feel he would be a great guy to hang out with. To have a BBQ, roam his ranch, and drink beer. I'm sure he would be the life of any party. It's just a shame he was the spokesman for the Republican PARTY; the representative for this nation and that he was the figurehead for those manipulators who were actually making all the decisions for this country.

This is not in defense of Bush but I have never thought he was the real President this past 8years. I tried to remember as I watched him of what I truly believed. A puppet. Cheney's puppet.

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