Friday, December 19, 2008

Trees, Kids and Photoshopping

The angels are back on the tree. They are freshly laundered and partially stiff! When I take them down this year I'll paint them in diluted Elmer's glue (thanks for the tip Buffalo) and store them till next year.
Ted had an uneventful flight thankfully. He was in Florida the last time I talked with him. Carrie went home with her Mom tonight. She tried to talk her Poppie and me into going and spending the night with her. We declined the invitation. We want to experience our house with a touch of quiet, without the chatter and without Sponge Bob on the television and with that said, she will be missed.

Teaching her to interact with the computer may not have been the best idea since I can only sneak in here when she is asleep. When awake, she is standing beside me begging to use the "compooter". It's at this time that I sneak off to turn the television to a news channel.
I need to brush up on PhotoShop skills which are at best an infant skill right now. My sister wants me to Photoshop some pictures for Christmas gifts to her family. I practiced today a bit just to figure out the procedure for cutting a person out of one pic and placing them on another background. I've done this before but it's been a while so I need a practice run again.
Here it is done with Carrie and new background:
Some serious blending needs to be done to smooth the picture into the background. I'll work on it tomorrow since I will be without the Carrie Girl. I am infatuated with the digital world. After all those years of SLR's and having the film developed, the digital concept has become my favorite medium. My first digital camera was nothing that inspired me to toss my Canon 35mm SLR. Finally, eight cameras later (digital) I have a camera that I can set adjustments for aperture and speed. Digitals, you have come a long way baby!
Failing that you own a good digital camera, you can fix almost anything with PhotoShop. I used to be very aware of background in scenes when shooting a subject. With PhotoShop it doesn't matter what is in the background. A little cloning and you can remove anything offensive. Movie stars have their own editing staff using PhotoShop on their pictures and many of them won't allow a picture to be released without their approval which means smoothing out the skin, removing blemishes and wrinkles etc. The downside of all this digital manipulation is you can't believe everything you see and I remember when the saying went "don't believe everything you hear".

PhotoShop is a huge and very expensive program and that's why I have the slimmed down version, PhotoShop Elements. It takes some time investment and can get very frustrating but I like discovering all the possibilities.
My immediate goal is to go to bed and get an uninterrupted 6hrs of sleep.
I'll correct all the errors on this page tomorrow!

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