Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Over!

Officially we are done for another year. The gifts were given and received; the wrapping paper and box mess was cleaned up. Dinner was cooked, served and is now being digested. The cleanup of the kitchen took longer then the meal itself but isn't that how it always goes? I can hear the dishwasher humming and clicking as it scrubs away on dishes and bowls which will still need to be assigned back to their cabinet positions.
Everyone is watching TV but Carrie and she is on the office computer playing Blues Clues games while I'm in the living room on the laptop. Lesie is in a bedroom playing the X Box 360 and Ted is still in Florida. A typical family get together is in progress.

Later this afternoon April will take her family minus Carrie and go see a movie. This is a tradition with her family post Christmas. We used to ski all day and have a late meal when we lived in the northwest.

As soon as everyone disappears I plan on creeping between the sheets to start one of my new books and drift off to dreamland.

Right now all the doors are flung open to the 76 degree temperatures and the humidity of southern Louisiana. I'm already eyeing that Christmas tree and everything related and thinking about how soon I can pack it all away again for another year. I plan on stripping this living room down next week and painting the ceiling and the walls.

I'm planning already now that it's over.

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