Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ted, Breakfast and New Years' Eve

A short little post on this New Year's Eve. Ted made it home but an hour late to arrive at the airport. The flights out of Atlanta were backed up.
We were all at the airport to greet him. He stopped by his house to pick up his Christmas gifts then he and Carrie and another friend came to my house to spend the afternoon. He was excited with all the new X Box games and the Rock Band for his system. It's just not my thing.
His mom just arrived with all the breakfast fixings and is in the kitchen preparing the promised breakfast feast. Cinnabon cake, waffles, bacon, ham and cheese omelets, whipped creme and strawberries. I'm hiding out in the living room. She doesn't look like she needs any help and I'm not going to ask.
I was so looking forward to a quiet evening after the breakfast feast but Ted wanted to spend the night. Then he wanted to invite a friend so I'll be sharing the house with them. I'm going to ban them to the bedroom and the X Box. Maybe I won't even know they are here. (to be continued)
2hrs. later:
Dinner is done and so am I. Ted and friend are down the street, Carrie, mom and boyfriend are gone. I've spent the last 1/2hr cleaning up. There wasn't that much damage done to my kitchen.
LSU is playing their bowl game. What a dismal year for my Alma mater. Win some and lose some I guess. I don't know if I'll make it to midnight. I can hear the fireworks from my spot here. This is not a night I enjoy being out in a crowd. I did do New Year's eve in New Orleans one year but I didn't find it any different then a regular night in the Quarters. Everyone is drunk and being log carried out by 10PM. Every night in the Quarters is New Years. Different holiday, same craziness. The last Mardi Gras I went to was the absolute worst I had ever been to. It was so bad I can't even blog on it. What I saw that night would make it a porn blog. I try not to think about it often. I've been to many Mardi Gras but none can compare to that last one. This was pre Katrina when Bourbon would have a million people strolling, stumbling and exposing themselves. The girls had on painted on T-Shirts. Just paint. A neckline and sleeves outlined their torsos. At first it looked like they were braless and wearing tight t's. Not so. That was the mildest thing that night.
I'm leaving that. Enough already.
I think I'll go park myself in front of the TV for a while. It's quiet at the moment except for the sound of the dishwasher. Soon enough Ted and friend will be back from their visit down the street. I may be back. I may not. Here's to a happy healthy New Year.

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