Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Slow Start

Another warm day but humid. It rained on and off today and tonight the temps are supposed to drop drastically.

My oomph is gone. I'm not motivated right now to do a thing. Carrie was here with me again today. She's not difficult to have around but she does require a lot of attention. Today we sat down at the laptop and went to We selected a game and as usual she would point to what she wanted me to select with the cursor. Today though I let her use the mouse pad on the laptop and then showed her how to do a single click. She caught on quickly and was soon playing the game using the keypad with no problem at all. I could hear her squeals of laughter as she would make the correct selection and get rewarded with bells and whistles from the game.
3yrs ago she was born. Two years ago she was struggling to learn to walk. Soon after she was was putting two words and then more together and today she is sitting at a computer alone and absorbed in the game she is playing. Amazing!
It has been amazing to watch her learn and it's amazing to watch how quickly she learns. You can almost see her processing the instructions you give her. Awesome the human brain.
2 yrs. ago she was learning to walk; today she knows colors and shades of those colors, her numbers and can recognize all the letters of the alphabet. Everyday we do something that involves numbers or letters. She learned her numbers by spreading a deck of cards face side down and as she flipped them over to try to match two cards we would announce the number she was seeing. After a few days, she could name all the numbers in the deck by sight. Learning should be fun. I think she is having fun!

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