Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Advil Day

I'm looking around to make sure nobody related to me crept into this house after I went to bed last night. Could it be that I have the whole house to myself? Everyone left around 6PM last night and apparently they are still "left".

After they were gone, Ms. K. and I played "discover word processing". Yep, we did another lesson last night. After about 3 hrs. of lessons, we were both brain numb. She could pass a proficiency test now on email and Microsoft Word. One month ago she got her own computer. Until then she would occasionally send an email when she visited her daughter who does not live close to her. Her daughter would open an email for her and she would type a one liner or two. Oh my! Haven't we progressed! After she got past the fear of trashing out the computer, she explores on her own. She is learning the correct terminology and now when I ask her to type in her browser window, she knows where that is located. Doing this over the phone, she has had to learn the computer speak and Internet speak as I can't stand beside her and point things out. She feels the phone instructions are more beneficial then me actually standing beside her to point these things out.
Much like in college when the professors would not spell everything out for you. They wanted you to figure it out on your own. They said you retained it better if you had to put some reasoning along with the lesson they were teaching. Gosh, how frustrated I would be with that.

I took a nice long hot UNINTERRUPTED shower and slipped into bed. I slept with the TV on which I don't usually do.

My knee is swollen and painful. It takes a while to get it to flex and extend when I first get out of bed. This coming year might be the year to get a total knee replacement. I've known for years that it would eventually have to be done and it looks like 2009 will be the year. I injured this knee when I put a dirt bike down in a river bed after riding a hair scramble. It had to be rebuilt. Years later, while skiing the Rockies, I took a nasty tumble down a black diamond run and again it had to be rebuilt. Now there is nothing remaining in the knee to rebuild. The last two months of this year, it's been my back or my knee. My back is just an occasional, once every few years event, but this knee never gets better.

My eldest brother and sibling is in the hospital recuperating from a light stroke. He has to have a carotid endartectomy next week and at times like these, I wish I lived closer to family. My sister keeps me informed on what is going on and I called and spoke with him a few days ago. It would be nice to be there though.

I'm boring myself to tears here. Will this ever be posted or will it be a "draft" forever?
I'm off to run some errands. The one where you go to Walmart and stock up on supplies and get there and out before the rest of the population gets out of bed.

It might be an Advil day here.

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