Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Almost New

That might be stretching the truth just a bit but I'm feeling so much better.
I'm still taking Ibuprofen but not as often. The only time I'm really uncomfortable now is when I sit. Standing, lying, walking, no problem.
I still intend to take it easy this week but I was able to do a few things around the house this A.M.

It makes me nervous to live in a mess. Just being able to make beds and vacuum and do laundry was a relief.

I'm off to get some heat pad therapy. Maybe tomorrow I'll drag the Christmas decorations out and get started (am thinking this is not taking it easy).
It's cold here. Got down to 30 degrees last night. I awoke to heavy frost on the lawn and the roof tops. This is the closest we get to snow unless it's really a bad winter. I've seen snow flurries here a few times. Traffic stopped and people pulled over and got out of their cars to watch it. Neighbors dragged their children out of bed in the middle of the night and bundled them up to stand on front porches and watch it snow. I do miss the snow. I don't miss driving in it. I don't miss cleaning off windshields, waiting for the car to warm up and sometimes being unable to travel because of blizzard conditions and road closings.
Why can't it just snow in the fields and lawns? I must put that on my list of wishes when I find that genie bottle.

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