Monday, December 22, 2008

Fruitcake Craving

I know, I know! I've heard all the fruitcake jokes. I don't care a flip. I want one dang slice of fruitcake. Just one slice, not the whole cake. As I'm cruising through the grocery stores I look for it.
At first it was a mild case of looking. Today it has escalated into an obsession. An obsession to find one store that has a fruitcake.
If you have to have those chocolate covered cherry cordial things at Christmas, then I have to have a slice of fruitcake. I found a recipe online but I don't think my obsession with this is that extreme. I may be craving a slice but I know I'm not around the bend on this. The thought of mixing bowls, messes and the oven leads me to redirect my focus.
I'm up again at 3AM with all intentions of going back to bed for a while. If I don't go back to sleep soon, I'll be lazing around again all day. I have those good intentions but with that said, I think I'll go to my picture editor and play for a while. It's so quiet here!

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