Monday, December 8, 2008


The tree is up; not decorated, just UP. I have to bring out the lights and check them; something that is not my favorite thing to do.
I have one goal today and that is the tree. I did a little Christmas shopping yesterday which didn't take long. A lot of people were out and shopping. The economy here hasn't felt the downturn..yet but it will. We are waiting for the ball to drop on us and we are not talking the New Year's eve ball.

The demand for oil has plummeted in direct proportion to all the unemployed and not even OPEC's decreased output has brought the prices up to a level where our oil companies here will continue drilling. That tells me that the oil production here in the Gulf will revert to bare minimum and the loss of jobs will be tremendous.
I'm waiting and watching. I'm preparing to tighten up on household expenses; no new work on the house for a while.
I'm waiting.

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