Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Opinion?

I realize how disrespectful this was. I try to imagine myself a citizen of Iraq. I now have to look at the man that instigated this invasion on false pretenses. I have to look at this man that ran a campaign of propaganda to get the U.S. citizens to support this invasion. I have to look at the man that condoned torture of it's citizens; this man who incarcerated insurgents (read citizens) for years without benefit of council; this man who made sure Gitmo was outside the legal requirements of the constitution.
I have to look at this man that may be the reason I've lost family members; infrastructure is destroyed, hospitals unable to care for their sick or wounded, and children afraid to go to school or not allowed out of doors without fear of them being shot.

It may have been disrespectful but did he earn any respect from these people?

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