Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Question Exactly!

I like people watching. It's fascinating to me to see such a variety of one species. Different noses, eyes, cheeks, lips, hair and body types that make each one of us individuals. I like to draw portraits so naturally I concentrate on facial features. The difference a few centimeters make in placement of a nose, or eyes on a face changes the whole appearance of one's face. The space between the eyes, the length of the nose and the lips; all these differences make us individuals.
When you do a portrait in pastels or any other medium, you are painting the shadows; the changes in light on the face, to make the features to appear not flat. We are a collection of shadows. You don't draw a nose; you shade a nose. You don't draw lips but shade and light them so they look soft and natural.
I've been so busy lately that I haven't used my pastels. I've promised myself to get them back out again and do "a face a day". Some faces are more easy to do then others. Distinctive features that pop from the medium you are using and you know who it is. You know you have it right. I trash a lot of my stuff. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. I'm not a professional. I keep trying and sometimes it's "just right". I've found that many times I can't repeat exactly a replica of a pastel. Maybe I just have one shot at it?

I like to carry a sketch book around with me with my charcoal. I can sketch a face that I find interesting and put it to pastels at my leisure.

This blog started because of the below article I read online this morning.
which leads me to a whole 'nuther people watching observation.
I've seen couples together and would wonder how that happened.
After years of watching, I have my own opinion about the couples match up.
I believe that a guy can date a list of the perfect women for him but if he is not ready to get married and commit to one woman it will not happen no matter how perfect the match may have been.

I believe that one day that male will be ready to marry and he marries the female that happens to be in the immediate area and involved in his life.
Sometimes this does not make for a happy union; his perfect match was passed over by him; he just wasn't ready.

This was and is my opinion only which doesn't make it worthwhile, noteworthy or to be believed. No scientific study to back this up; just an observation.

Here's to all those odd couples out there. Best of luck, love and happiness.

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  1. mine about opposites..we are you mom always said 'theres a jack for every jenny' and you do know that opposites attract which really must have been my case or i had my guard is what it is..


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