Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yesterday it was so dang hot here I was ladylike developing a glow OR sweating like a hog while I was taking the clothes off the clothes line. The a/c unit has been running for days now.
Last night it started raining and the temps started dropping. I'm looking outside on a dreary rainy day. I can hear thunder booming in the distance and the rain is at a steady fall splashing off the concrete patio. It's not a heavy rain as it was last night but just a steady soft cold rain. I'm going to take my camera and drive around today in search of any flowers that may still be blooming. They may be all frozen from the previous frosts. I'm sure no one will be mowing their lawns as they were just a week ago when I was out in the city.

I just heard on the news about a female passenger on a cruise that can't be found on the ship and they think she went overboard. The problem is her husband didn't report her missing for hours and hours. (making note here to not take any cruise with husband).
I have a friend here, a female friend that loves to take cruises and takes sometimes 2 cruises a year and even 3 sometimes.
She has asked me many times to go with her to which I respond, "not no, but hell NO!" I have a deep and long lived fear of water. I go to the beach and do not stray pass ankle deep water. I didn't learn to swim until I was in my teens and only because a friend horsing around at the pool pushed me in. After that, I taught myself to swim and I have never won any medals at that activity. I will swim at the hotel pools but I stay out of oceans, ponds and rivers. If I can't see the bottom, I'm not going.

I did tell my cruise friend that I would go but I wasn't sure the cruise director would allow me to be wearing that bright orange life vest and towing an inflated raft all over the ship during the entire cruise. (I did see that movie Titanic!).

My husband would mention a cruise every now and again but after he worked off shore for years, he has no longer a desire to spend any time at sea.

When I hear an "overboard" story as I did this morning, my over-active imagination goes into overdrive. I almost get physically ill imagining being in that ocean with no land in sight, in water over my head, the waves, the sharks and all the other critters that live in that water. I'll stay out of their territory and they can stay out of mine. I can't even watch a movie containing ships, sharks and stranded. I bought the DVD of Titanic. I knew I would never be able to sit through it at the theatre. It took me a week to watch the Titanic movie. I don't sit still for long and I would put the movie on, watch the uneventful part and move to another room when any scene showed ocean views, then come back and catch the movie in the middle, get frightened, leave the room, come back and watch a little more of it. I watched that movie in chunks and not in order. I would restart it and after a week I had seen the whole movie. My heart rate picks up when I start remembering some of the scenes right now! can keep those cruises. I would be miserable on one.
I am happy you may like to do this. I don't envy you going at all. Bring me an island shell and Bon Voyage!


  1. I knew a guy that fell off the fantail of his ship. It took them 3 days for them to find him; a very small object on a very large ocean. He survived by using his clothing as flotation gear.

  2. Buffalo: I have one question for you. Did that guy you know ever get back on a boat? and if so..WHY????
    I hear about the survivors; doesn't make me feel any better. If I were that guy I would sneak up on a glass of water!


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