Monday, December 22, 2008

Fgirue Tihs Bolg

My stiesr tlod me taht you cuold srcmalbe the wrdos in an atrcile and erevynoe soluhd be albe to raed it if you kpet the frsit lteter and the lsat lteter of ecah wrod in the crreoct palce. She aslo siad
taht tihs cuold olny be dnoe wtih the Egnilsh lnagauge.

Well? Is it true? If you know the answer to this question let me know in the comments.

I had never heard this before so you can imagine my surprise when I was out shopping for Christmas and actually found a t-shirt with this. I was so impressed I actually bought the shirt. Maybe I'm the last person to have heard about this. In that case, I will just turn the light out when I leave.


  1. I had no toulbre rineadg yuor ppargarah ..I had mroe tlbroue ridenag the one I jsut wtroe to yuor cmonmet.And I'm the one taht tlod you taht.....Wree you albe to raed tihs.....ltaer..

  2. taht was msot dfifuiclt prat, the wirintg it.


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