Monday, December 15, 2008

I don't get "it"

What can I say? This is one of the decorations I look forward to displaying every year; a gift from a family member.

As I was surfing the web yesterday, I found a picture that had me falling off my chair. I'm sure we've all seen the icon displays of people worshiping a tree that is in the shape of Christ, a statue that cry tears, or blood like tears? I've seen people rush to these icons and leave flowers, pictures of family members and other offerings. It becomes a shrine.
I live in Catholic country. Icons abound. In the churches, in the graveyards and in anything that closely resembles Christ or the Virgin Mary. People here believe in healers. A person that supposedly is able to lay on hands and heal or pray for you to be healed. I just smile and nod. I've had these people offer to have a healer visit. I just smile and nod to the negative and try to come up with some excuse as to why I would rather not be involved.

At the hospital I would see family members bring them in to visit the patient. Of course I didn't say anything; just hid and watched. I've heard people here speaking in tongues which I find mighty weird. I've lived in Utah and beside the bishop and his wife. Always recruiting but were very kind to me. I've been to Seventh Day Adventist churches, Catholic churches, the Pentecostals and the Baptists. Not to convert but to watch.

I still don't get "it'. Each one thinks their religion is the one. I still don't get "it".

I've often wondered how you make an unbiased opinion on anything if you have been indoctrinated by religion. I'm not saying I don't believe in God; I don't believe in ORGANIZED religion.

Why can't I see a tree or a flower or even the human body and how it functions and believe in God. I prefer my way. I see organized religion as a money making venture. I watched as the Catholic priests were convicted AFTER the cover-ups by the Church. How can any Catholic still be a Catholic? I don't get "it".
Jim and Tammy Faye Baker? Remember them? For their beliefs they got to live the high life. Jim Jones? David Koresh?

I've seen the riches in St. Peter's basilica and the Vatican. I've seen the poor just outside the Vatican. I don't get "it". I said "damn" in the basilica. It was an exclamation at all the wealth and how it was acquired. I thought my husband would faint. He said "you can't cuss in the basilica."
He is Catholic; non practicing. I said " think I'm going to be struck dead or what?"

I digress here. I was focused on icons and on that note I'll post this picture from the browsing I was doing yesterday.

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