Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm hoping this gets defeated.

Internet censorship. Whose to say what they will censor. Bad enough the embedded reporters in Iraq during out quest to spread democracy to people that didn't request our intervention and when this was going on I would go to Iraqi newspapers to read what un in bedded reporters were saying. I may lose this option with internet censorship. I think it's just a way to eventually control peoples' access to the real news. I believe half of what I hear reported from the journalist here. You can get a different slant on things by reading news reported from other countries.

This makes me angry. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is only half reported. If you give rockets to one side and support everything they do then of course you will make enemies of the unsupported side.

I have no idea what will solve the conflicts between the Muslims and the Jews. Better minds then mine have failed to come up with a solution. I don't think the USA has been anywhere close to being fair in their approach to these two countries. Muslim are automatically called the terroists or portrayed as the aggressors. Hamas was elected democratically. Isn't that what we support?

I've had my little say. I'm done but I can't help but watch with horror as the slaughters continue.


  1. The Aussies have been putting this together for quite a while. I'm not at all sure their PM is in favor of freedom. In fact .... never mind. Great Britain is becoming more and more intrusive in their citizens life. You know what is happening in the US.

    Damned sad.

  2. Do you think the average US citizen worries about this?


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