Monday, December 1, 2008

H2 oh

Plumbing redone. Finished! I now have hot water and I'm looking forward to a long hot shower or a long soak in the tub. I can take a bath at any time I want. No more scheduled time in the morning when the hot water is turned on for a few minutes.

I'm so glad the pioneers did the wagon train thing, the cabins were built and they went through all those hardships. I'm thrilled that Thomas Edison did his thing with electricity; that indoor plumbing was developed "before my time" and that we have automatic washing machines, dryers, microwaves, and I don't have to saddle the dang horse up to go to Walmart. Walmart was here before these other things right?
I'm happy that we are looking backward on Morse code and forward to ever increasing speeds for online access.
I admit it. I'm spoiled. A spoiled American.

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