Saturday, December 13, 2008

December Blog Overload

Oh my! I've outdone myself on blogging this month. I can only attribute this to a knee that pains me to move around on and the awful back spasms that I've had to deal with lately. My back is better, I'm not having the electrical shocks when I try to walk but it still hurts if I sit for any length of time. I'm guessing this just takes a while to fully heal.

The temps are back up into the '60's and soon we will be back in shorts again. Grilling out weather. This time of year is when we do most of our "outdoor" stuff like grilling out and going to the park. The kids are skateboarding, bicycling and spending their off hours out of doors.

Hubby is leaving for Vernal, Utah on Monday, at least that is the plans for now. Work related trip. He won't be driving on this one but flying instead.
He hates to fly and I do too. Flying is not what it used to be. The attendants herd you like cattle, search you, disrobe you (take off your shoes) empty out your hand bag, remove jewelry...and on and on. The airport staff are quick to be rude. Flying out of Las Vegas and standing in a long line that snaked back and forth, the staff would point at you, scream for you to move out of that line and into this one. How rude! McCarron is always packed (the airport in Vegas).
I'll leave early and just drive if possible. We drove to Phoenix a couple of months ago. Long trip but we weren't pushed for time. No one yelled at us one time on that trip!
I don't have The Carrie girl today so I plan on getting to a few stores then home to finish up "stuff" that I don't do when she is here.
This is a totally boring post. I do realize that. I could post on the Chicago Blago stuff which I'm still keeping up with. I'm just amazed that these people have NO shame. Didn't their parents teach them that lying was not an attribute? It's no wonder the American people are so apathetic about politics and voting. I'm not going any further there. I'm just watching but not all day watching. On that note, I'm outta here.
One last note..the spell check on here sucks!

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