Friday, December 5, 2008

A Good Read

I just finished the book I was reading. Joy in The Morning by Betty Smith. A good read!
When I pick up a book, I read the back cover and I read about the author before I start the book hoping that this will give me a clue as to whether I’m going to enjoy this book or dread picking it up again after I start reading it. I have to finish a book once started. If it’s something I am not enjoying, I read on. “Maybe it will get better”, “It will have a great ending”, and I have to finish what I start.
Sometimes it (the book) fails me. Not often but sometimes.
I won’t even sit down to watch a movie unless someone that has seen it and knows me well can recommend it to me. There is nothing worse to me then sitting for 2 plus hours and wasting my time on a crappy movie.
I prefer books over movies. I can carry the book around with me, lay it down for hours then come back and pick it up at my convenience. I can read while someone is driving, read in a waiting room and the best yet, it can go to dinner with me and be my companion while eating out alone.
I know people that ask “you’re going to dinner alone?” Why do some women think that is a fate worse then death? I rather enjoy my solitary dinner with my book in a nice cozy restaurant. Of course you can’t go to a dimly lit high end restaurant which I seldom go to alone.
I really enjoy those “family run places” with the mismatched silverware, minus nice table linens, and the very casually dressed diners when dining alone.
I’m ready to open another book and I’m taking all suggestions which is many times how I find some of the best books to read. I have to be careful of who is making those suggestions. Who knows me well and can say “you’re gonna love this book!”
Any suggestions? other thing. I remember when in college a professor asked me what I was going to do while on break. I told him I was going to read something. "I haven't had a chance to read anything since I started school".
The look on his face was priceless! "I meant" explaining to him "something I want to read" not an assignment or test prep!"

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