Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another 5 years

It may be another 5 years before I attempt another movie adventure. I stayed for an hour then left the theatre. The movie I went to see was Bedtime Stories. Juvenile, boring and predictable. now I'm a movie critic. It's bad enough to have to sit still but to attempt it while faced with a movie full of trite and predictable dialogue was just too much for me.
I called my daughter; I told her I had just left the theatre. "Oh Oh" she said. "What did you go see?" I told her and she asked "Why?"
"Well" I said, "isn't that the movie you went to on Christmas afternoon?" She said it was and I wanted to know why. Because Adam Sandler was in it she says. She also said she wouldn't have recommended it to me because she knows I don't like "stupid".
****This is a review I cut and pasted here. Unfortunately I read this review AFTER I went to the movie!

A return to the cloying sweetness of Big Daddy territory for Adam Sandler. He's a hotel maintenance guy who tells stories to his niece and nephew that sort of come true. The shortage of wit and the excess of goo can be summed up in Sandler's line to these children of divorce: "I'm like the stink on your feet — I'll always be there."

Great! I wasted an 1 1/2 hrs! She also said she didn't think it was that good. She recommened the Brad Pitt movie. Personally I think the Tom Cruise movie Valkrie is more my thing. Some history stretched a bit I'm sure but realistic enough for me to believe. I do like comedies but not hokey stuff.
Daughter had me sit through the movie "Weather Man". She laughed through the whole movie while I sat there trying to see and hear the humor she was enjoying. It didn't happen.

I may check the listings here in a bit and try again. It is now pouring down the rain. That soft drizzle has been replaced by a deluge. I may cuddle up with a book instead.

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