Monday, December 8, 2008

Mission Accomplished

The dang tree is up, bah humbug! Hubby put the lights up outside and it's a good thing the temps were hanging out in the mid 70's or I'm sure that would have been a job that would not have been attempted.
Carrie and I placed the bulbs on the tree and when she wasn't looking I moved them from her eye level placement to more elevated positions on the tree. She would travel back later to take the large tassels off the tree and and play with them. Between carrying out Carries wishes and demands all day, I feel as though getting the tree up and decorated was all I needed to cope with today.

I'm tired, sleepy and ready to curl up in a bed with a big soft comforter. I'll tackle something else tomorrow but tonight I rest. A rest I'm looking forward to.
How did my parents cope with seven children? I whine after 8hrs with one little one here!


  1. quit your whining...i dont like whiners especially big ones..


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