Saturday, December 13, 2008

One More Rant for Today

Cayleeand Carrie The grandparents of Caylee following up on sightings of Caylee? Were they doing this to help out their daughters criminal case? If sighted, but not found would her mother's murder charges look unjustified to the jury? Am I being too cynical here? How many little girls that age look similar when you see them in a crowd? Same height, weight, hair color? Similar but not the same.
Too many unanswered questions and conflicting events with the grandparents and the parent.
Didn't they know their daughter was a habitual liar?
I've worked as a psych nurse for years. She (the daughter) has the symptoms of a "borderline personality". No treatment for these. It's an "all about me" disorder. They do what ever it takes to get attention and they must have attention. They cut themselves, lie when it benefits them, have no conscious because they are always right, they are persecuted, they are mistreated by everyone and nobody understands them.
We used to call this "spoiled rotten" but that doesn't fit the DSM III(not sure about the order of those letters) code for treatment. There is no pill that will help them and they are obstinate; focused on having their way.
We would get them on the unit (lock down unit) and in days they would have the whole unit in an uproar. We knew it was coming. We watched them closely. Committing suicide was a favorite antic. We had to go into the bathroom with them, account for their plastic utensils after a meal and on and on. These people commanded more of our time then the psychotics, bipolars and schizophrenics we were monitoring. They would staff split and we knew this. We assigned one nurse each shift to monitor them. If they had a question, we knew to direct them to their "nurse of the day".
Please..don't let me ever have to be around one of them again. They are not truly a psych patient but they are truly a pain in the butt. I know I may sound callus here. I have much sympathy and empathy for the mentally ill. The personality disorders are not mentally ill. They are spoiled. They drain all emotion out of anyone they are around. They are exhausting to be around. Attention and sympathy at all times is their goal.
On that note I sign out of here!


  1. There's a whole lot more questions in this case than there are answers. I've been wondering about the grandparents for a long time. Something strike me as not right, if not wrong, about the whole scenario; and I'm talking beyond the bull the mom has been spewing.

  2. I think the grandparents finally realized Caylee was not coming home.Now they start thinking about their daughter spending life in prison. I think them reporting the sightings of grandchild would have given the jury reasonable doubt on the mother's murder charges since her lawyer could argue she was not dead but now that the body has been found that route is no longer open to the family! I don't think the grandparents had anything to do with her disappearance but that they were trying to salvage their daughter. Sad situation all around!


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