Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm sorry Caylee

I'm sorry you didn't live to see your 3rd birthday.
I'm sorry you were born to a mother that wished you weren't here and now it seems she made her wishes true.
I'm sorry there was no one to protect you.
I'm sorry that you weren't cherished; you were not born to parents that would have loved and taken care of you till you were an adult.
I'm sorry you didn't live long enough to spread joy that all little guys like you have in abundance.
I'm sorry you didn't live to be taught all the new things out there for you and have someone enjoy teaching you all those new things.
I'm sorry your unconditional love was not enough.
I'm so sorry.
When I look at Carrie who is the same age as you would have been now if you had lived I am saddened that you were not as needed as our Carrie is and we do need Carrie. She brightens up each day. She loves and loves and loves and we are grateful.
Rest in peace Caylee.


  1. Thanks Ann, for such a beautiful post in rememberance of Caylee. I, too have been following this and am baffled why anyone would take the life of such an angel. All children are miracles. I just don't get it.
    Tonight when they played the video of her reading her book and singing, I cried. What a sweet little voice she had.

    I love seeing the photos of Cheesecake and hearing what she is up to! You are ALL so blessed to have each other. Keep taking the photos and videos!
    Love ya, Karen


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