Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Short One

It's 10:30PM or 2230 hrs and I'm tired. I put Carrie down for a nap at 3PM which was a little late to start a nap. I have to lay down with her while she squirms, wiggles and rolls around to find just that right position for sleep. Eventually she does fall asleep at which time I slide out of bed and out of the bedroom. I usually use this nap time to use the computer or get some chores done uninterrupted. Today I fell asleep with her and slept the entire 3hrs that she napped!
When I woke up it was dark outside and I was disoriented. I thought we had went to bed for the night and it was early morning. I dragged myself out of bed and discovered is was 6PM. About a half hour later Carrie woke. Needless to say, it has been a long evening here. I knew she would not go back to bed for the night at 9PM, her usual bedtime. I've been entertaining her till now and right this moment she is eating her dinner of spaghetti. I intend on hustling her off to bed as soon as I scrape the sauce out of her ears. She is a messy eater.
I have her way off schedule because of the late nap. Tomorrow I promise to do better so she can go home with her mother at 6PM.
Tomorrow Ted tries the airport once again. I don't entertain high hopes for the flight leaving on time or at all. It is "froggy" as Carrie says and I don't expect it to lift till the sun reaches high sky tomorrow and burns it off. It is once again hot and humid. What happened to winter here? We will be wearing shorts on Christmas day if this keeps up.
This WAS going to be short post and maybe it still is. It is a meaningless post I'm afraid. Just an update on the day here.
I'll be back again but it might not be tomorrow or then it might be.
G'night. It's my bedtime and past.


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