Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TV News, Politics and Scandal

Ive been watching the latest drama regarding politicians and Chicago politicians in particular. The whole political scene is one big soap opera. Why watch program TV when the News is so much more interesting. Has it always been this way? Is the information age the reason it seems we have so much news bombardment on scandals and the scoundrels we elect to office?
Personally I feel that times have changed since the era of the Kennedy administration when the press didn't report truthfully on what was called the Camelot era. I'm sure with what we know now, the Camelot description would have been laughable. Politicians back then were protected by the press. Now it's all out there with the press, the internet and the television. Access to information is 24/7. No hiding out and with all this the politicians still think they are invincible. I think senators and congressman should have a two term limit. How much can you steal in two years? It' s unfortunate that we can't vote immediately after proving that there are misdeeds in office. As it is, we have to wait 4yrs to have our moment of disapproval.

I'm going to limit myself to a couple hours a day devoted to the news. Too much information to deal with.

It's cold and raining here today. One day it's in the 70's and the next it's almost to freezing. At least the roads stay clear and I haven't had to put on more then a sweatshirt to stay warm. I'm not complaining in the least. I much prefer the winters here over the summers.

I'm pain free which makes for a great day regardless of the weather and the news!


  1. The public eats up doom, gloom and scandal. It is like a bunch of kids going to a horror movie.

  2. Buffalo: who would be interested if it was all sweetness? Yeah, I know you're right. Sweet news wouldn't sell much TV or newspapers.


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