Sunday, November 30, 2008


A little setback here. I may have lifted something or moved the wrong way. For the past two days I've stayed in bed. I've stayed in bed because I simply could not get OUT of bed. The electrical shocks up the spine and thru the hips are back with a vengeance. I've been eating Ibuprofen q4hrs. This morning with the help of the office chair, I managed to get out of bed and wheel myself to the office. Before the trip to the office, I stopped in the kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee. I also reached for the medicine box and extracted a 7.5mg Lortab.

I detest taking pain meds. I dislike the "out of touch" feeling that comes with taking a pain med. Today I do notice an improvement but I just want a few hours pain free.

I knew as soon as the Lortab started doing it's magic. My nose started itching. I scrub my nose off my face when on pain meds. This is a side effect not an allergic reaction. I'll head back to bed before the 7.5 ceases it's magic. Hubby bought a back massager with a heat option on it and after a few hours laying on it, I could feel the improvement. A few more days of not stressing those back muscles and I should be up and around on my own.

Tomorrow the plumber arrives. It seems that a pipe in the slab has broken. This happened on Thursday. That water line will have to be rerouted thru the attic and back down into the house. Today we have only cold water. Every morning hubby has to go to the water heater which is located in the attic; he turns the hot water on so we can get a shower. Then it gets turned off again. This sounds like a major inconvenince but we have been thru much worse.

We used to live in Big Piney, Wyoming (1978). Our first winter there (and out last winter there) the temps took a nose dive. 65 degrees below zero. The freeze went below the frost line so most of the water lines in town froze off.

The only place that had water was the only laundromat in town. Each morning we headed for the laudromat to get a shower. 25 cents for 3 minutes. The butcher, the baker and the banker all waited in line for their hygiene moment or minutes.

If you had a vehicle that would start, you left it running constantly. Diesel gelled and the truckers couldn't get their semi trucks to run. Propane did the same. We had 30 gal. propane tanks on the travel trailor we lived in.

I would bring one inside and keep it warm. When the one in use would stop delivering, I would take the warm one outside and exchange it.

Children at the school were not allowed outdoors. Moose were sleeping or milling about in the playground.

In the spring when we would hike the mountains we would discover heaps of antelope that had frozen to death in the gullys where they had gone to get out of the cold wind.

Many stories could be told from that winter in Big Piney. Being without hot water here for a few days is a breeze.

Tomorrow I may be able to walk AND take a hot shower! How neat is that?

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  1. EGAD! 60 below? I thought the 52 below in Friendly, Frigid Manitoba was bad.


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