Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Husband

This will be another post that will not be linked to Facebook

He is not a man of big vacant conversation. He has an amazing memory which makes up for my lack of one. When he gets comfortable around you, he opens up and will actually tease you. That's when I know he likes the person that is around. Sometimes he makes comments that shock me but he has an innate knowledge of what will offend and what will not. I have never seen him embarrass anyone with his humor nor hurt their feelings. He likes it when they give as good as he puts out. He likes to tease Wanda and she is a great sport...quick to come back with a comment that makes him smile. The neighbor lady gets the same treatment. It makes me gasp...then laugh. 

We were laying in bed last night, all the lamps on. I don't want you to think this is going to be anything exciting so I'll mention those lamps immediately.

We were talking about our future. We do this in small chunks. We are getting adjusted here. I have a dreadful outlook on the future. Though he is scared too, he tries to keep my spirits up. I catch him alone outside and I can see his expression. We have flareups sometimes and I know this is my fault. I''m raw. We both are.

Back to the bed thing. As we laid there talking he said
"Well how long do you want to live anyway?" If you are so bent on thinking you only having so many years left, then think about how old you will be by then."

Actually, this wasn't a bad way to look at this. 

"Maybe right before it's time for the nursing home you will check out. You know how bad you hate the thought of a nursing home." 

We laid there a while longer snuggled close. I had my Ambien. He vetoed his and we both went to sleep.

Few tears today.


  1. He sounds like a lovely, very wise man...and he clearly adores you. You are lucky to have him...but you know that don't you?

    (At last able to post comments once again)

  2. It's good to have you back. He has been very attentive and kind and yes...he is a good person inside. I don't know how I would manage this without him and he says "I'm supposed to take care of you...and I want to I think it makes him feel useful to have me llean on him but I have never been a leaner so it's difficult for me to let him have that.


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