Friday, April 5, 2013

This Old House, This Old Engine

The tires wear thin, the battery needs replaced and a long list of minor repairs continue to crop up. Belts get dry rotted.  Soon the door handles or the window glides become impaired. 

As time moves on, major motor parts begin to show wear. Rings wear and the vehicle begins to use oil. Seals start to leak, starters wear out, fuel pumps fail and more time and money is invested in keeping this car drive able.

And so goes the human body. If we are lucky we start out with a healthy body that allows us to enjoy years of activities unhindered by pain. We are busy working, paying bills, raising children and trying to save money for those retirement years.
 Of course we take this for granted. One day the vehicle starts to show signs of wear. The minor glitches appear if we are lucky and sometimes it's a major malfunction that turns one's life overnight into a tailspin. Few of us get to those retirement years to enjoy the money put away for that time. Deterioration of health changes those travel plans saved for retirement. It has been written that those planners advising how much money one needs to retire on don't  take into account the ability of one to maintain enough health to carry out these plans. We stay home more. It's closer to our physicians and the emergency room. Our activities decrease. One car is sufficient, gas needs decrease, clothing requirements decrease related to having no job to attend. Plans change.

Usually we accept this as a part of aging. We mourn those years gone by when we were strong and healthy. It happens to other people not to us.

One by one the little breakdowns occur and we accept needing a medicine to fix this or to regulate that. 

Malox isn't the only thing in your medicine cabinet, 

Since my little problem here, I've been prescribed something for anxiety, something for depression and a medication to halt estrogen production from the adrenal gland and my blood pressure medication has been doubled.

I didn't even have Malox in my medicine cabinet. 

I'm going to have to add an extra shelf to that cabinet. It appears that this vehicle has went the way of the old Kia's. Overnight it seems to have fallen apart. 

The strange part is, I feel as healthy as I did a month ago before all this started. I have no symptoms except for the holes punched into my abdomen for the colon resection and I'm very fortunate to have had a physician that specializes in this surgery by using a laproscopy instead of opening up the abdomen by laperotomy.

Yes I'm sore and uncomfortable but I'm up walking around without any problem. The husband insists I rest. My meals are served on a tray in the living room. The sink is cleared of any dirty dishes immediately and I couldn't find not even a pair of dirty socks to wash in the laundry room. My husband is taking his responsibilities seriously. I'm beginning to feel like a slobby housekeeper.

I'm off to do the usual..another nap. 

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  1. Your husband is a star...make the most of being waited deserve it. There will be times ahead when you won't feel as well as you do at the moment and you will be glad of the help. Much love xx


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